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02-19-2014 – [DocumentSnap] How I Read Books

I read a lot, and I’ve been implementing Evernote Ambassador and paperless mentor Jamie Rubin’s method for making digital notes of real books. He takes a photo of the text in the book, then underlines it by editing the photo with Paperless guru Brooks Duncan also recently blogged about his new method, which involves using […]

Learn How To Go Paperless With Easy Document Tips

Brooks Duncan, author of the digital Paperless Document Organization Guide, and owner of DocumentSnap.com, is offering an online class for those who want to take action, get started now with going paperless. Cost: $77. Registration required. Registration deadline October 17th. Twice over the past year, I held online classes for two groups of awesome DocumentSnap […]

How To Manage PDFs In iTunes – YouTube

Another great public service video by paperless master Brooks Duncan of DocumentSnap.com. This one is how to use iBooks to manage your PDFs. If you’re already doing this, then check out the link below the video.  Go to www.DocumentSnap.com to sign up for DocumentSnap’s free 7-part email course on going paperless. Then, if you’re still […]

Dan Gold’s popular eBook “Evernote®: The unofficial eBook” is selling like hot cakes

Read the GTD book? Have Evernote? Haven’t put the two together yet? This blog post is for you.

Use ScanSnap Organizer Distribute By Keyword To Automatically File Your Documents | Tips To Learn How To Go Paperless | DocumentSnap Paperless Blog

Another great tip from DocumentSnap Paperless blog. This is for folks who use the Fujitsu ScanSnap and its associated software, ScanSnap Organizer. When Brooks says “use a highlighter”, he means a physical highlighter – this is clear in the video but not in his blog post – and you have to highlight the phrases you […]

Naming files

In his video on going paperless, Brooks Duncan says it doesn’t really matter what you name a file, and he gives an example where he names a pdf that he’s just imported into Evernote. He puts the date of the pdf, or the date it was created, at the front then adds a descriptive title. […]

OfficeDrop/ScanDrop | Evernote Corporation

Damn. Now I’m wondering if I need this… OfficeDrop makes it easy to get your paper documents into Evernote. Simply mail your documents to OfficeDrop, where they’ll scan them and upload them to your Evernote account. via トランク | Evernote Corporation. OfficeDrop offers cloud scanning (sounds like something you do lying on your back in […]

GTD with Outlook 2010 and OneNote 2010

I’ve been using Evernote to go paperless. It’s a major project, but also satisfying to scan those papers then dump them. Thanks to a tip from Daniel Gold who wrote a guide on how to use Evernote to GTD (Get Things Done), I’ve been using tags more and Notebooks less. Notebooks tend to cordon things […]

The “Where the Hell is My Wallet” Hack | Bridging the Nerd Gap

I’ve been using Evernote more than, ahem, ever recently: first, I discovered how it can help me go paperless (thanks to Brooks Duncan’s excellent advice on DocumentSnap – if you’re serious about paperless, do consider getting his Paperless Document Organization Guide); next, I came across Daniel Gold’s “Unofficial Guide to capturing everything & GTD” which […]

2011/09/21 03:24 – ANA Flight Attendants To Get iPads For Training

I’m using an iPad2 to help me go paperless. I’ve scanned several kilos of paper already and shredded or trashed the originals. ANA is also going paperless, using iPads. Hi-tech does not, unfortunately, prevent writers from misusing an adjective where an adverb is required. TOKYO Nikkei–All Nippon Airways Co. 9202 announced Tuesday that it plans […]