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Empty Seats and Empty Minds at the Olympics :: The Circle Bastiat

Who’d a thunk? The State intervenes in the free market, and screws things up! This must be a first.

Here is another example:

The British Olympic organizers restricted ticket purchases, rewarded corporate purchases but not corporate use, imposed price controls on tickets available to the public and state violence against the resulting scalpers touts — and are distraught and surprised over the empty seats that characterize so many of the Olympic events so far. To reduce the embarrassment and sense of scandal, organizers have carted in British troops–dressed in their camo!–to fill seats at gymnastics events, while other easily manipulated, low-time-cost groups on the government’s payroll are also being bussed in to other sparsely-attended venues.Meanwhile, many thousands willing to pay market prices to attend Olympic events are told to bugger off.

via Empty Seats and Empty Minds at the Olympics :: The Circle Bastiat.


Good morning UK – feeling screwed yet?



I’m sure everyone knows that the Olympic games always lose money. The question is, who picks up the tab? You’ll never guess. It’s the tooth fairy! No, wait. Father Christmas!! Or, maybe the taxpayer? Can’t be sure. But it’s one of those three, any road.

Just in case you’d like to know just how BIG a tab Father Christmas (or was it the tooth fairy?) pays, just watch the following video which is full of fascinating facts and figures, plus some cool scenes of a dude on a snowboard. Here’s Stefan Molyneux. (Do you think he might be Canadian?) Thanks to ModernMarketingJapan blog for the inspiration. And after you’ve read this, why don’t you pop on over to and tell him that the Olympics AREN’T “bread and circuses” they’re not they’re not they’re not! If we all go over there and write that in his comments, I’m sure we’ll change his mind.

And who cares about some silly toga-toting, sandal-wearing old goofball who’s been dead a few thousand years, and didn’t even speak English, anyway?

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Alerted by the intrepid Marketing Japan blogger, I looked up the story of the Nagano Olympics. Marketing Japan was interested in the scandals and particularly the massive debt the event racked up.

But I thought this anecdote was interesting:

The first Japanese gold medal was won in the freestyle mogul skiing event by Tae Satoya, a bleached-hair ski bum who had never won a major competition before and finished only 11th in her first of two runs. She was the first Japanese woman to win a Winter Olympics gold medal. In the medal ceremony, she disgraced her country by keeping her hat on during the Japanese national anthem.


“A ski-bum” who kept her hat on for the national anthem? I like her already. You mean she didn’t go to a government-approved ski school and get her government-approved ski certificate? She didn’t have a proper job? What a role model!

Talking about the Olympics, when I mentioned the Tokyo bid to my wife, she said, “Oh, give us a break!” (“Yamate-chodai yo!”).

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