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Evernote + iPad? You need offline notebooks

iPad/iPhone Evernote offline settings

iPad/iPhone Evernote offline settings

If you’re using Evernote, unless your iPad is 3G and connected to the Innernet-thingy 24/7, you’ll need offline notebooks.

What are offline notebooks? I’m glad you asked! They’re notebooks that you can read even while off-line, that is, even when not connected to the Innernet-thingy. Which in my case is most of the time. My iPad is useful, but it let me down badly when I discovered that my zillion Evernotes were invisible on my iPad: “This note could not be shown because iPad is not connected to the Innernet-thingy”. Swot it said, right there on the screen, when I was in my meeting and I fired up my iPad2. And I was awake and everything, all dressed up but nowhere to go.

So as I’m in a charitable mood, I thought I’d write a post on offline notebooks and how to create them and everything. But then I changed my mind and decided to send you to Hickey’s brilliant post Did You Know: How to Access Notes Without an Internet Connection

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Evernote offline notebook blues

Oh, dear. I’d paid my Evernote premium membership and was now happy to have my offline notebooks on my iPad.

But wait! Changes I made to notes on my iPad don’t get synced.

Well, of course not, dummy, they’re OFF-LINE. That’s what you asked for, that’s what you got.

So, I go into my settings and set those notebooks to online. But now  I’m left with the OLD online note, and the changes I made on my iPad have disappeared.

Speaking of working on the iPad, it really isn’t that great, is it? For reading, or viewing – fine! But it’s really not cut out for productive work.

I wasted a good 20 minutes trying to write an Evernote on my iPad using bullet points, numbered lists, underlines, etc. Problems occurred when I tried copying and pasting – the order of the lists changed; numbered or bullet points suddenly lost their bullet or number, words or lines suddenly disappeared and popped up somewhere else in the document. Weird.

Note to self: don’t “work” on your iPad – just read (and delete). For real work, use your pc.

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