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Baby Mamas

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“What is this world if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare…”

Thanks to Giulia Geranium for bringing it and to my attention.

Who made this video? Where was it taken?

Music by my friend: Ludovico Einaudi – “Nuvole bianche” with permission.
Please support the artist here:

(Is the blog title a quote? Yes. Lines written by a British tramp. )

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YouTube – Shooter Jennings – 4th of July

Catchy tune. Sweet video.  Watched it 5 times already. Ain’t tired yet.  h/t Trooper Thompson  

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YouTube – Shooter Jennings – 4th of July.

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The Remnant Sings!

Gary North has a knack for finding media items – videos, commercials, emails from forum members, articles in professional journals or newspapers – and greatly adding to their initial value through his cogent comments, insights and creative suggestions. The link below is to an article that is an exception: in this case, Dr. North has found a TED video that is truly stunning and stands head and shoulders above any kind of commentary (even Dr. North’s, altho he gives it a run for its money). This video is entrancing and makes a powerful statement all on its own. Watching this, I felt the truth of the words of guitarist John McLaughlin, “The true language of the human spirit is music.”

You are about to see a video that will amaze you. I want you to view it. This will take 15 minutes. Do it on your own time. It isn’t going anywhere.

via The Remnant Sings!.

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Two musical trios – two different value systems

I used to listen to Brian Eno’s music. I haven’t heard any for at least 20 years. Today, I happened to learn that a new album of his is in the charts. A google search for Small Craft on a Milk Sea brought me to this video of the making of one of his songs, in his London studio.

Wow! Cool!! Techno! Blips and beeps. Masters at work. But kinda boring after a coupla minutes, and not just because I’m not into that kind of music anymore.

Compare it to this video of a different trio playing a few years ago: John McLaughlin with tabla player Zakir and out-of-this-world drummer Dennis Chambers playing at the Crossroads Guitar Festival, 2004.

Which trio is having more fun? The Eno trio hardly look at each other. The guitarist keeps looking over at the others but they studiously ignore him: “Hey! concentrate! This is serious business. We’re making an album AND a video here! Stop goofing off!”.

Perhaps that’s the message of the music: we’re all just random blips and beeps on the cosmic radar.

John McLaughlin’s group, on the other hand, seem to be saying, “Of all the things we could be doing (printing counterfeit money, guiding remote drones to their targets, falling asleep in front of the TV), we’ve chosen to be here now and play our hearts out for you to the absolute best of our ability.”

Which message do you prefer?

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RIP – Henryk Gorecki 1933-2010

A stunning piece of music, and a powerful video. I am posting this as is from Counting Cats in Zanzibar blog.
Henryk Górecki – 1933-2010.

“Around this time, Górecki came to believe the Polish Communist authorities were interfering too much in the activities of academy, and described them as “little dogs always yapping”. As a senior administrator but not a member of the Party, he was in almost perpetual conflict with the authorities in his efforts to protect his school, staff and students from undue political influence. In 1979 resigned his post in protest at the government’s refusal to allow Pope John Paul II to visit Katowice and formed a local branch of the “Catholic Intellectuals Club”; an organisation devoted to the struggle against the Communist Party. He remained politically active through the late 1970s and 1980s. In 1991, he composed his Miserere for a large choir in remembrance of police violence against the Solidarity movement.”

He was one of us and he shall be missed but he shall also be remembered. His music will go to the stars. The music of the communists and NAZIs is headed for the dustbin. Whilst that Lento e Largo from the third Symphony is still on Youtube good and Górecki are not really dead.

And neither are we.

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Bette Middler sings “The Rose”

Actor Peter Riegert and actress/singer Bette M...
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I first heard this song nearly 30 years ago. Hearing it again after not hearing it for nearly 30 years, takes me straight back to the time when I first heard it. It was a very emotional experience. This is a great song, sung by an astonishing performer, Bette Midler.

Here is a video of Bette Midler singing the song over a montage of great pictures and with subtitles that show the English lyrics and Japanese translation.

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