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Japan retired nuclear workers ready for duty – Yahoo! News

“Skilled Veterans Corps”. Good name. It took a politician to call them (publicly) a “suicide corps”. Way to go, Hosono! Diplomatic, eh?

This article has more details than the one Mike Rogers linked to yesterday.

More than 160 engineers, including many former atomic plant workers, aged 60 or older say they want to set up a “Skilled Veterans Corps” to help restore the cooling systems crippled by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

via Japan retired nuclear workers ready for duty – Yahoo! News.

“We need to bring the participants’ voices to parliament as well as to the government,” said Hiroe Makiyama, an upper house member of the centre-left Democratic Party of Japan.

What the heck for? To make it look like the parliament and the government are actually doing something? As the man who came up with the idea, Yamada, said,

“A functioning cooling system is indispensable,” he pointed out. “But who is supposed to build it? Only people can do it”

Only people. And not politicians, but people who actually know what they are doing. As Masahiro Ueda, 69, a former nuclear power plant worker with more than four decades of expertise on water pumps of cooling systems, put it:

“Someone should take action. You can’t work properly at nuclear plants without specialist knowledge.”

“We will also consider the necessary legislation to back the project.”… said Hiroe Makiyama, an upper house member of the centre-left Democratic Party of Japan.

Why is legislation necessary?

“We are very thankful and want to accept their feeling of devoted action,” said Goshi Hosono, the special adviser to Prime Minister Naoto Kan in charge of addressing the ongoing crisis, according to local media.

“But our principle is that we should stick to procedures that will not require such a ‘suicide corps’,” Hosono said.

Translation: we’d rather Tepco paid minimum wages to inexperienced sub-contractor workers who don’t know what they’re getting into, than nuclear industry veterans who know exactly what they’re doing and what the risks are, and are more than likely to criticize Tepco and the government’s strategies. Who needs that, sheesh! We’re in charge, and we don’t want anyone throwing doubts on our competence, duh!

And anyway, initiative is a dirty word. It upsets solidarity and harmony, the pillars that uphold Japanese society, doncha know.

March 5th 2008 - Everyone should give themselves a slap on the wrist sometimes

"Slap on the wrist" (for initiative). Photo by Stephen Poff on Flickr (click photo to visit)



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Used minicars too dear for survivors : Business : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri)

Kojiro Sekine / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer

Rising demand for used minivehicles in areas hit by the March 11 earthquake has increased sales prices nationwide, adding another financial burden to disaster victims struggling to rebuild their lives.

One reason for the popularity of minivehicles is the ease with which procedures to register them can be completed.

According to one estimate, the earthquake and tsunami destroyed nearly 150,000 cars in Miyagi Prefecture, about 10 percent of those owned in the prefecture. Thousands more were destroyed in Iwate and Fukushima prefectures.

“An increasing number of people want to buy used minicars that already have car inspection certificates,” said Takahiro Horiuchi, 55, president of a Suzuki Motor Co. dealership in Minami-Sanrikucho, Miyagi Prefecture. The tsunami virtually swept the town away.

via Used minicars too dear for survivors : Business : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri).

Mike Rogers of Marketing Japan helped distribute relief supplies to people in Ishinomaki in the tsunami-hit area recently, and made a video of his trip. The video, however, doesn’t give much info about the kinds of things that people there still need, or need now. Well, there’s one: minicars.

And here’s another, perhaps: bicycles (altho this article focuses on Tokyo):

Tokyo residents haunted by the memory of how the March 11 earthquake shut the world’s busiest subway system are returning to bicycle travel, tripling the sales of retailer Asahi Co. in the area last month.

“I was in Tokyo when the earthquake hit, and everything stopped,” Asahi Co. President Susumu Shimoda said in an interview. “Trains stopped, buses were in chaos and cars were jammed. Within that, you could just see bicycles swimming through. Some of our stores stayed open until 4 a.m. to meet the surge in demand.”

Asahi, the best performer on the 146-member Topix Retail Trade Index this year, has gained 8.6 percent since the magnitude 9 temblor and the tsunami.

via Bicycle sales triple as 3/11 haunts Tokyoites | The Japan Times Online.

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Marketing Japan: Japan Disaster’s True Ground Zero – Not Nuclear Power Plants

This is a shout-out for Marketing Japan, a blog written by Tokyo resident Mike Rogers. Marketing is Mike’s business, hence the blog title, but since March 11 he has been boldly blogging about the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster focusing on the media reporting and contrasting it with facts about life in Tokyo and surrounding areas. His blog quickly provided facts about the situation in Tokyo (for instance) with links to websites where you can see for yourself the most recent readings in various locations. Based on his own findings, he roundly castigated those who fled, often with caustic humour (that’s Mike’s castigations, not the fleeing).

As well as having valuable and timely info, his blog always includes well-chosen music videos and graphics. I don’ t know how he finds them all so quickly.

Mike is not all words: he acts.

Last week, Mike and friends organized a charity concert. Today, he delivered relief supplies to Miyagi prefecture.

Well done, Mike and friends.

Today I went with 4 friends to deliver relief supplies to Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture in Japan. Ishinomaki and Kesenuma were ground zero for the earthquake and tsunami….

These photos say it all. Being at Ishinomkai and walking around and taking pictures and breathing the air was like a bad dream: Everything was covered in black sh*t and it smelled like a plugged toilet on a dirty, swampy fishing boat; it was like a nightmare.

via Marketing Japan: Japans Disaster True Ground Zero – Not Nuclear Power Plants.
The video below was taken March 11 on the 2F of a building in Ishinomaki. The explanation tells us that what you see is what was happening at the time the tsunami siren rang.

[yframe url=’’]

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