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Japan’s Self-Defeating Mercantilism – Why isn’t the medecine working?

In the 16 months since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe launched his bold plan to reflate Japan’s shrinking economy the yen has depreciated by 22% against the dollar, 28% against the euro and 24% against the renminbi. The hope was to stimulate trade and push the current account decisively into the black. Yet the reverse […]

Deflation – is it good or bad?

Reposted without comment. Is deflation good or bad? You decide. In the red corner, repeating the “20 years of deflation” myth (prices did not fall for 20 years in Japan; they were flat. The evidence is here): “We should first make sure that Japan exits from 20 years of deflation,” said Hiromi Yoshida, acting secretary-general […]

Abenomics, Shinzo Abe, Bank of Japan Infographic – Saxo Capital Markets

Can Abenomics save the Japanese economy? (Click the graphic to see a larger, clearer version.) Here’s a useful “infographic” as they’re called on Abenomics, produced by investment group Saxo Capital. Read the whole thing at Abenomics, Shinzo Abe, Bank of Japan Infographic – Saxo Capital Markets. The main points: How does Abenomics work? Structural reforms […]

The First Cask from Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Was Safely Lowered, Transported to the Common Pool | EXSKF

It has been dubbed, perhaps somewhat hysterically, the most dangerous situation since the Cuban Missile Crisis: the task of removing the fuel rods from the Spent Fuel Pool next to Reactor 4 at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. A mistake during this operation could result in a far worse release of radiation than any that has […]

Best scenario for all economies: mild deflation?

The natural path for all economies is a mild deflation in the amount of productivity improvement, averaging 2-3% annually. via Here Comes the Spin (Central Banks) in [Market Ticker] Coninuing my investigation into inflation (the desirability of) and deflation (the evils of), the above is one businessman’s opinion. He writes (emphasis in the original): I’m […]

JGBs Declared Dead by Mizuho as Kuroda Hides Risks: Japan Credit

“The JGB market is dead with only the BOJ driving bond prices,” said Tetsuya Miura, the chief bond strategist at Tokyo-based Mizuho, one of the 23 primary dealers obliged to bid at government auctions.” Dead? That doesn’t sound very healthy, does it, boys and girls? This blog post is part of a series on the […]

Is it time to get other companies involved in the Fukushima cleanup? And how not to criticize

TOKYO Nikkei–With no end in sight to the contaminated water problem at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, there is a growing sense that the cleanup efforts are failing because of Tepco’s insistence on using its own technology and not looking for help outside its tight circle of corporate and government allies. […]

EXSKF Coverage of Fukushima I Daiichi Nuclear Accident, Nuclear Disaster in Japan

I’ve added EX-SKF’s blog to my @Japan blogroll in the sidebar. He has updates on the situation in Fukushima, much of it translated from Japanese media sources, as well as the twitter feeds of a couple of workers inside the plant who have been there since 2011. His opinion is often critical, but usually thoughtful […]

Update – Highly Toxic Water Leaked From Tank Could Have Flowed Into Sea

TEPCO has still not been able to determine from where in the tank the radioactive water is escaping. The container is 12 meters in diameter and 11 meters high, built of steel plates held together by bolts. TEPCO has collected 4 tons of the [300 tons of] leaked water, and said most of the remaining […]

Life Insurers Make Little Headway In Shift To Foreign Bonds

The official line appears to be that JGB are (relatively) risk-free assets: foreign bonds are “riskiER”. TOKYO (Nikkei)–The nation’s largest life insurers continue to invest most of their assets in Japanese government bonds despite efforts by the Bank of Japan to get them to buy riskier assets, such as stocks and foreign bonds. via 2013/08/10 […]