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Evernote bookmarklet for iPad

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Evernote is great, and I often use the Evernote web-clipper to clip and save text and pictures from the web. The web-clipper automatically saves the date I clipped it and the URL of the site I clipped. This is the tool I use the most.

Now I’m using my iPad more and more, but there is no web-clipper tool for Evernote iOS. Bummer! Believe it or not, I actually had to copy stuff and paste it into a new Evernote, then go back to Safari and copy the URL and go back to Evernote and paste it in, and tag it “ToDo” for later when I’m on my computer.What a life for us iPad slaves! Is this dignified?

That was then. This is now!

Thanks to Lorenzo, who left this very helpful comment on this website, last night I visited his website, followed his easy-peasy instructions and successfully installed the script.

Thanks, Lorenzo! 

You can setup the web clipper for Evernote on mobile iOS devices in just a couple minutes. This has the benefit of allowing you to clip content into Evernote while browsing the web in mobile Safari.

via Comment on Brooks Duncan reviews Evernote Essentials 3.0.

Lorenzo has several other useful iPad bookmarklets and many tutorials you might want to check out.

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Coach’s Eye – new app for iOS and Android

The Coach's Eye - a new app

The Coach’s Eye – a new app

The Coach’s Eye is an app for iPhone, Androids and tablets.  It is made by TechSmith, and allows someone to receive a video (even if in a different format) on their mobile piece of technology, write or draw on the video, add voice-over/narration, then share the video on an SNS (if you want).

Cost? $4.99 (or 450 yen) from the iTunes store.

I’m not recommending this product as I haven’t purchased it yet, so  I don’t get anything if you buy it from this link. I’m not affiliated with TechSmith in any way, I’m just a customer (I bought and use and like their graphic-editor Snagit and video-editor Camtasia).

I wonder if there’s a use for this in EFL?

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