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TEC #025 – Brooks Duncan interview – | The Elephant Channel

The Elephant Channel

The Elephant Channel

The Elephant Channel, an unofficial Evernote tips blog, interviews Brooks Duncanof (audio only, so here’s a pic of Brooks).

Brooks Duncan headshot

Brooks Duncan headshot

Check it out.

“During the interview you will hear some of his secrets on how to become paperless as much as possible, how he uses Evernote and more.”

TEC #025 – Brooks Duncan interview – | The Elephant Channel.

Twitter: @documentsnap

Brooks Duncan is author of a series of “going paperless guides”. Start with the free 7-part email course, then, if you decide to go paperless, I warmly recommend his variously priced guides (NB – I’m an affiliate of Brooks’). Click here to read more about the Paperless Document Organization Guide

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Tragedy of the Euro

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How young he is! Philipp Bagus has written an excellent and interesting history of the Euro, which you can buy on the Ludwig von Mises Institute website or download for free from the same site.

Read a summary of the interview on the GoldMoney site here. Here’s an excerpt:

In this video Philipp Bagus, Assistant professor of Economics at Madrid’s Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and author of The Tragedy of the Euro, and Alasdair Macleod of the GoldMoney Foundation talk about the eurozone facing the problem that is characterised in the “tragedy of the commons” analogy. Bagus explains this phenomenon by way of an example of overfished and over-exploited oceans due to a lack of property rights on oceans. In Europe, governments run larger deficits than their “competitors” in order to externalise the costs to all users of the currency. Knowing these incentives, the Stability and Growth Pact was put in place as per the early 1990s Maastricht Treaty, capping budget deficits at 3% of GDP and the debt to GDP level at 60%. However there was no enforcement of these rules which is why there have already been more than 80 infringements to this stability pact without any repercussions.

They talk about possible solutions to the euro crisis. Bagus points out that there are basically three different

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“Italy? Japan is next,” says successful hedge-fund manager

Update: Here is the video of the BBC Hardtalk program referred to below (Mish’s link is to the BBC audio).

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If you live or work in Japan, you might be interested in this BBC interview with hedge fund manager, Kyle Bass. From “Mish”(click the link below for the audio). I agre with Mish that Bass does a very good job of defending himself, without losing his temper, and keeping his sense of humour. Full marks to him. What is happening now in Europe will happen in Japan. When? Will you be ready?

The interviewer tries to express uncomprehending indignation at what Bass is doing. I suppose there are two possibilities. Listeners could

  1. vent their indignation and outrage, blame the “capitalists”, the “speculators”, or
  2. follow Bass’s example and prepare themselves for the inevitable disaster.

How will listeners respond?  How will you respond? “It’s just a matter of time”. How much time? And will you be ready? Here’s Mish (click the link below the excerpt to read the entire blog post):

The BBC has an excellent interview with Kyle Bass – Founder, Hayman Capital Hedge Fund on Europe, mortgages, monetary printing, “gold and guns” and Japan.

At times the interviewer is openly hostile to Bass, blaming him for making money on the US mortgage mess, then again when Greece blew up.

Bass defends himself quite nicely.

His latest play is an asymmetric bet on Japan, based on demographics, interest rates, and ability to service debt. I happen to agree with Bass, that it is just a matter of time before the Yen blows up. I must also point out people have been predicting this for a decade.

via Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Interview with Kyle Bass on Gold, Hugely Profitable Asymmetric Bets on US Subprime and Europe, and his next Asymmetric Bet on Japan.

Key points:

  1. “All the asymmetry in the world lies in Japan”… Read the rest of this entry »

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2011/09/01 18:46 – INTERVIEW: Tepco Making Progress In Fukushima Crisis, But Hurdles Remain -President

Dow Jones Newswires interviews Tepco prez Nishizawa. A major problem is obtaining funds.  I’m not sure what “smart grid” means. I hope “smart meters” doesn’t mean ones like these.

TOKYO (Dow Jones)–Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501) is making steady progress in its efforts to stabilize the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and provide compensation to those living around the crisis-hit facility, the company’s president said Thursday.

But Toshio Nishizawa said in an interview with Dow Jones Newswires that the utility is still facing problems in its attempts to obtain funding through the market, and said he was unable to predict when the company would return to profitability.

Tepco suffered combined net losses of nearly Y2 trillion in the last two quarters, due to massive costs for dealing with a core meltdown at the quake-battered plant. The company is also expected to face several trillions of yen in compensation claims …

“Since we cannot issue bonds, our funding situation remains difficult,” Nishizawa said.

The president said that he wants to forge a new direction for the company, and said Tepco will “continue to invest in smart grid and smart meter” technology, even if that means cutting investment in other areas.

via 2011/09/01 18:46 – INTERVIEW: Tepco Making Progress In Fukushima Crisis, But Hurdles Remain -President.

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Englands Freedome, Souldiers Rights: Paul Craig Roberts: from Republic to democracy to Caesar

Well, this Doc Roberts won’t make you feel fine. A former Reagan administration official explains how the world really works, starting with the conflict in Libya, in just a few short minutes. The young lady who interviewed him is one smart cookie, as well as a pretty face.

Paul Craig Roberts talking to RT on current and future wars.

via Englands Freedome, Souldiers Rights: Paul Craig Roberts: from Republic to democracy to Caesar.

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