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Media consumption in Japan | 世論 What Japan Thinks

Media consumption in Japan | 世論 What Japan Thinks.

Hm. PC Internet use is way higher than mobile phone internet use.

PC Internet use (on a daily basis)  lags slightly behind TV. Daily readers of newspapers are still high at 54%.

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The Remnant Sings!

Gary North has a knack for finding media items – videos, commercials, emails from forum members, articles in professional journals or newspapers – and greatly adding to their initial value through his cogent comments, insights and creative suggestions. The link below is to an article that is an exception: in this case, Dr. North has found a TED video that is truly stunning and stands head and shoulders above any kind of commentary (even Dr. North’s, altho he gives it a run for its money). This video is entrancing and makes a powerful statement all on its own. Watching this, I felt the truth of the words of guitarist John McLaughlin, “The true language of the human spirit is music.”

You are about to see a video that will amaze you. I want you to view it. This will take 15 minutes. Do it on your own time. It isn’t going anywhere.

via The Remnant Sings!.

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“Publisher embraces Web future”

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 07:  In this photo il...
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This article by Eric Pfanner tells those who have been paying attention to mainstream media like the newspapers as well as to future trends such as online news, some things that they already know. This is to be expected. After all, the article appeared in the New York Times (I don’t know where it appeared first; I’m not that good of an Internet sleuth. If you find that out, please let me know in the comments.):

  1. that publishers of old-style, paper and ink newspapers are having an increasingly difficult job staying out of the red;
  2. that web versions of anything, be it newspapers or online textbooks, need to add a little something to exploit the online medium and technology, not just put online the same exact content as the paper and ink newspaper (duh!).

The Web site was enhanced with faster, more thorough coverage of local events. A social networking area of the site was developed, and the paper now solicits articles from its members— about their clubs, church groups and other Fredrikstad institutions, for example.

Some of the material on the site veers beyond traditional newspaper content.

Local moviemakers, for example, have provided short fictional films that are included in a video section.

‘‘Online newspapers have to be something very different from print,’’ said David Montgomery, chief executive of Mecom, the London-based company that acquired Edda four years ago.

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