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Not an unsung hero any more

Follow-up to the Unsing Hero story:

Visiting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao expressed gratitude Saturday for the actions of a man in Miyagi Prefecture who lost his life after helping 20 Chinese trainees escape the tsunami triggered by the March 11 earthquake.

News photo
Lifting spirits: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (third from right) and Prime Minister Naoto Kan talk to evacuees at a shelter in the city of Fukushima on Saturday. KYODO PHOTO

“He helped them regardless of nationality. I highly praise his act,” Wen

via Wen lauds man who saved trainees | The Japan Times Online

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Another unsung tsunami hero <東日本大地震>自分を犠牲にして中国人研修生を避難させた日本人

Unsung Heroes (graphic from PaltformNation. Click image t visit source page).

Fellow-blogger and Japan-resident MikeInTokyoRogers recently alerted me to another one of those “unsung heroes” stories, this time about a Japanese company president who managed to rescue his Chinese employees before losing his own life in the tsunami . The man’s wife and children (whom he was looking for when he died) are still missing. 

The story is below. There are no doubt many similar stories. Probably most of them we will never hear about. It often happens in Japan that things only become newsworthy once they hit the headlines overseas. This is another example. The first paragraph tells us that this man is a hero in China! So it is a report about a Chinese media report.

I have several students from China in my English classes. I might use this story in my next writing class.




Read the rest over at  <東日本大地震>自分を犠牲にして中国人研修生を避難させた日本人.

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AFP: Saving lives, Japanese firefighter gave his

A hero’s story. No doubt more such will be heard of in the coming weeks and months.

Koshita, 57, one of 28 members of the Second Otsuchi Fire Unit, rushed to his seaside station in the afternoon of March 11 after he felt the first massive jolt of the earthquake.

There, he found an electrical blackout had put the station’s siren system out of action.

Amid the frantic melee in the minutes after the magnitude-9.0 tremor struck, Toru Suzuki, a 41-year-old fellow firefighter, also reached the station, but the older man waved him off.

“You go. Don’t worry about me,” Koshita told Suzuki.

Koshita grabbed an old-fashioned bell, only kept in storage as a back-up for the siren, held it tight and climbed to the roof, where he started ringing it vigorously.

“It was really loud,” said Kaito Yamasaki, a 16-year-old high school student, who heard it as he ran to safety. “The fireman was brave. I’m proud of him.”

The sound echoed for several minutes across the village until the giant waves came crashing over the horizon, sweeping away the station, its watch tower, and Koshita himself.

via AFP: Saving lives, Japanese firefighter gave his.

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