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2011/09/21 03:24 – ANA Flight Attendants To Get iPads For Training

I’m using an iPad2 to help me go paperless. I’ve scanned several kilos of paper already and shredded or trashed the originals. ANA is also going paperless, using iPads. Hi-tech does not, unfortunately, prevent writers from misusing an adjective where an adverb is required.

TOKYO Nikkei–All Nippon Airways Co. 9202 announced Tuesday that it plans to issue Apple Inc. iPad tablet computers to the group’s roughly 6,000 flight attendants.

…ANA expects the step to reduce its expenses by some 200 million yen a year because it will enable flight attendants to be trained quicker.

The iPads will contain digital versions of the company’s manuals covering work tasks and safety procedures. This information is now printed out in three booklets totaling some 1,000 pages and weighing 2.1kg, which each flight attendant is expected to carry around.

In addition to being more convenient for the attendant, the fact that the manuals are provided in digital form means that ANA can update the content at any time and without the need to print out new booklets. For this and the downloading of other information such as in-flight menus, ANA will utilize the cloud computing service of Softbank Corp. (9984) group firm Softbank Telecom Corp.

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Japan Quake Map

Japan Quake Map.

Woah! See all 900+ quakes since March 11 on a map of Japan and surrounding seas in colour!

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