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Google's 未来への記憶 website. Click to visit.

Google Japan Inc. on May 16 launched a website service to enable online users to view photographs and video footage–contributed by Google users–of the quake-devastated areas before the Great East Japan Earthquake.This new website, called “Mirai-e-no-kioku”Memories to be cherished in the future, is collecting these photographs and video footage from not only area residents but also from those who visited there before the quake and make them available to the public. The images and footage collected will be safely stored in Google’s data center.

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And here’s a link to the Google site itself (all in Japanese):

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Google Japan Forgoes April Fools For 2011 #SEWatch


It’s not a joke. Google Japan is postponing April Fool’s Day until next year.

While recognizing that April 1 is a day many fans of Google look forward to, Google Japan has decided not to go forward with the typical barrage of hoaxes and pranks this year.

Out of respect for the victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, the Google Japan home page for will display Google Doodles of the 2009 Doodle 4 Google finalists. There were 30 finalists in 2009. Each are represented today.


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Google lets you send messages for Japan in any language

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Mouse-tip to Julian Sukmana Putra

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Marketing Japan: Google Sets Up Easy Way to Donate to Japan Disaster Relief

Marketing Japan: Google Sets Up Easy Way to Donate to Japan Disaster Relief.

Donate to Japan Disaster Relief here: 

For more information:

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How academics waste time, and how the Internet can help

A student just came to my office and asked about the history of the word “gentleman” – did I have a good definition?

I assumed that he had looked up the word in a number of dictionaries (I checked, he said he had). I recalled reading something about the history of the word recently. It was by C.S. Lewis, but I could not remember where I’d seen it. I have a number of C.S. Lewis books on my shelf,

cs lewis bookshelf

and I quickly began to scan through them trying to recall where I’d read it. I wasted about 5 minutes on this before doing what I should have done to start with and google “C.S. Lewis + gentleman”. There it was: top of the heap.

The blogger gave the source as “Mere Christianity”.

The Complete C.S. Lewis

Complete C.S. Lewis

Well that book is on my shelf. And for an academic, merely quoting the book is insufficient. I want to know which line of which page it’s on. I want to find that section in my own copy of “Mere Christianity”.

So I started scanning through my own copy of “Mere Christianity”. This is not a short book. In fact, it’s a collection of talks, 4 series of 10 talks each, collected into 4 books with each talk being one chapter. Couldn’t find it anywhere. By now, this was really bugging me: where the heck is this passage from? Might the blogger be mistaken? Might it be from another book, and not from “Mere Christianity” at all?

There are people like this: they just can’t rest until they have nailed that quotation or passage: the line, the page, the book, the year published, etc. For academics, it’s a valuable tendency, but it can be expensive time-wise.

Fortunately, there’s the Internet and Google. I could have saved myself 30 minutes of fruitless thumbing through a book if I’d just clicked on the second link in my search results. This is to a website which hosts the entire text of “Mere Christianity” online. Type “gentleman” into the “search in this page” box and bingo! The passage I’m looking for is right there in the preface (no wonder I didn’t find it). Total time taken, barely a minute.

1:30. You do the math.

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