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Media starting to tally the economic effects of foreigner flight | The Japan Times Online

The “flyjin” story has legs, it seems. After reading Dogs and Demons by Alex Kerr, a number of years ago, I’m not convinced that tourism from overseas has ever been all that great or economically important for Japan economy as a whole.

Compared with the week before the March 11 disaster, the Immigration Bureau data confirmed departures by foreigners nearly doubled the week following the quake, from 139,782 to 244,274. Exits by those holding official or diplomatic passports, for example, were 192 and 1,320, respectively.In terms of their overall proportion, foreign students may have been the largest segment to leave the country. Some 60,000 — about one third of foreign students here — were reported to have departed during the second half of March, but this period coincided with the end of the academic year, a time when many would be traveling in any case.As Golden Week approached, more judicious analysis of the situation finally began to make its way into business publications. The April 26 issue of Shukan Economist ran a cover story titled “Nihon Hazushi,”

via Media starting to tally the economic effects of foreigner flight | The Japan Times Online.

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Most gaijin are not “flyjin”

TOKYO (Kyodo) — More than 90 percent of foreigners studying or working in Japan expressed willingness to continue staying in the country despite the March 11 disaster, according to a recent online survey by a supporting group for them.

The International Foreign Students Association conducted the survey between March 22 and 26, to which 392 people responded. Of the respondents, 60 percent were students and the remaining 40 percent were graduates, while more than 90 percent of them were from China, Taiwan and South Korea.

via Many foreign residents wish to stay in Japan despite disaster: survey – The Mainichi Daily News.

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