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Revamping my Evernote

Revamping my Evernote. Why? I had too many tags (over 1,000) Too many notebooks (around 60) Too many “todo’s” scattered across 1 ToDo notebook and 1 ToDo tag (what the…?) Notes piling up unattended to in my inbox and ToDo tag and notebook Not doing regular daily, weekly and monthly reviews. Mission creep was affecting […]

Getting your Kindle book notes into Evernote

Do you read books on Kindle or a Kindle app on an iPad or similar device? Do you want to make notes or highlight passages in your ebooks but don’t know how? Would you like to have access to all your notes and highlighted passages even when you don’t have your Kindle or iPad with […]

How Evernote and Postachio.io helps you create awesome websites – DEG Consulting | DEG Consulting

Dan Gold hosts a guest post on the subject of yet-another-useful-app, Postach.io. Even granting that he uses guest posts, Dan Gold still manages to not only blog about but also actually try out a remarkable number of new apps. His appetite is (apparently) insatiable. How he finds the time is beyond me. Anyway, here’s Philippe […]

Evernote bookmarklet for iPad

Evernote is great, and I often use the Evernote web-clipper to clip and save text and pictures from the web. The web-clipper automatically saves the date I clipped it and the URL of the site I clipped. This is the tool I use the most. Now I’m using my iPad more and more, but there […]

Going Paperless: A Closer Look at How I Organize My Notes In Evernote | Jamie Todd Rubin

Today was a weird day weather-wise: temperature started high (yesterday was 24 degrees C, May temperatures for this part of Japan) then the sky darkened, it rained and the temperature fell (4 degrees C @ 5 pm). Apart from a short trip to the video store and to buy something for lunch, my daughter and […]

Going Paperless | Jamie Todd Rubin

The other day I blogged about a useful Evernote tip by Jamie Todd Rubin, SF writer. I’ve since discovered he’s an Evernote Paperless Ambassador and has written a truckload of articles on this subject, all elegantly written with colourful screenshots and hand-drawn diagrams. I’ve stored them all in my Evernote “To Read” stack. I’m going […]

Going Paperless: How I Title My Notes in Evernote | Jamie Todd Rubin

I’m an Evernote fan, and always eager to learn how to use it more effectively. Here’s a tip I learned today. I usually don’t touch the “create date” because I never use for search purposes, but I can see the value of tweaking the date so that it becomes easier to find the document you […]

How an extreme website makeover enhanced Dan Gold’s productivity, + Power of 21

How an extreme website makeover enhanced my productivity. Dan Gold at DEG Consulting has revamped his website and added to his product list. He now has Kindle and audio versions of his guide to using Evernote to Getting Things Done, as well as a new workbook to developing new habits. He also has new icons […]

Multiple Evernote accounts

When you search on the Internet for “how to do” something, do you prefer videos or text explanations? If you’re like, you’ll probably prefer video. When it comes to showing someone how to do something, a video speaks a thousand words, and takes less time to absorb. Paperless master Brooks Duncan of  DocumentSnap.com, author of […]

Dads using Evernote to raise kids

From the Nikkei Weekly: Ayatomo Miyahara, a 41-year-old father of a high-schooler and two grade-schoolers, maintains an online family album. Videos of them are posted on a private YouTube account. He tweets about his kids and updates his Facebook pages with information on his daily dealings with them. He also uses Evernote, which stores data […]