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“Please take this urine with you!”

A pingback led to this blog posting the video below. I’ve just watched it once and need more time to digest it and watch it again. Because the blogger Super Crazy Video World and all the commenters on YouTube (at least the ones I glanced at) seem to be taking the residents’ side against the nasty Tokyo bureaucrats, my initial reaction is to side with the bureaucrats. At one point, it seems as if the residents are asking that the government act like the totalitarian Soviets!And the bureaucrat who says “You are free to evacuate”  seems nonplussed that he has to point this out. I’m going out on a limb here but my guess is that people skills are not his forte, eh?

What do you think? (I’ll have more to say after I’ve watched it again.)

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Theme of the day – faith in government is waning

The following excerpts pretty much speak for themselves, but because this is the media speaking, take a large lump of salt with all this. I’ll add my usual pearls of wisdom after you’ve read the quotes.

“It breaks my heart that they did nothing for the children,” said Sadako Monma, herself a mother of two, who has run the Soramame center for 15 years. “Our answer was to stop waiting for someone to help us.”

Slow action by the government has set off a revolt among the usually orderly ranks of Japanese bureaucrats.

“I don’t believe the government,” said Kanako Nishikata, 33, a mother of two elementary school children here. “The air here is dirty. The soil is dirty. They are leaving Fukushima to suffer and perish.”

via In Japan, Fukushima Parents Grow Angry Over Radiation –

The figure is equivalent to 20 times the annual radiation limit for ordinary people. When releasing the statement, the ministry also did not touch on any measures to decontaminate school facilities.

Parents voiced complaints and concern. “It is a figure too high for children,” said one parent. “No specific measures have been presented,” said another.

The city of Koriyama has decided to remove top soil from school playgrounds on its own. Even so, the central government brushed aside the local government’s move. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said, “Based on the guideline of the education and science ministry, there is no need for removal.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Preparation saved one island’s residents | The Japan Times Online

Is there a lesson here? I think there is. Underline it.

none of the approximately 80 residents on the island was killed by the tsunami, thanks to a disaster prevention map and an evacuation route created more than half a century ago.They had also prepared for the possibility of disaster by conducting emergency drills over and over.In the scant 30 minutes that elapsed between the quake and the arrival of the massive tsunami, town officials knocked on the doors of every home, urging residents to evacuate.Using a special 2-meter-wide evacuation route that local residents had cleared through a bamboo grove, they fled to a local elementary and junior high school that was built on higher ground.The disaster prevention map was drawn up with the help of Toyohiko Miyagi, a geology professor at Tohoku Gakuin University in Miyagi Prefecture. The map listed an evacuation route for every resident on the island.”As an island, we can’t depend on the government for a quick rescue and aid operation in emergencies,” one of the residents said.

via Preparation saved one island’s residents | The Japan Times Online.

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Movers turn away evacuees / People told to relocate get cold shoulder from moving firms : National : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri)

OOh boy. As if escaping with your life from an earthquake AND a tsunami wasn’t enough. But I sympathize with the moving companies, too. Surely, there is a way out of this mess. Unfortunately, I think inevitably the government will have to stand in as arbitrators at some stage.

FUKUSHIMA–Many residents in Fukushima Prefecture who have been told to prepare for evacuation have been refused service by moving companies, it has been learned.

People living in designated areas have been told to evacuate within one month because of radiation leaks from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in the prefecture.

“Out of consideration for our employees’ safety, we can’t let them take on those jobs,” an official of one moving firm said.

Moving firms’ reluctance to work in the area will likely hinder the relocation efforts of the more than 6,000 residents in the five cities, towns and villages inside the zone that was on Friday designated for evacuation.

“We were told to evacuate, but we can’t. Are [the moving companies] just going to abandon us without offering help?” said a 50-year-old woman of Iitatemura, which is within the designated zone.

via Movers turn away evacuees / People told to relocate get cold shoulder from moving firms : National : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri).

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