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How to never forget the milk


Konan - the boy detective and his amazing glasses

Dan Gold recently posted a screencast about a cool tool called Followupthen, and I posted this comment:

Clear and concise screencast. Followupthen, I can see working for someone who spends most of their time working at their computer: they would most likely be at their computer when the email arrives, and (hopefully) will READ the email. Personally, I use my cell-phone calendar (not synced with Google calendar) to create reminders. I (usually) carry my cell-phone, and it buzzes to remind me to go to work (for example), or pick up my daughter from day-care.

After posting that, I started using my (non-Apple, non-google-synced) cell-phone’s “task” app. Why did I never use this before?!?!?

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OneNote vs Evernote

I’ve been such a happy camper with Evernote that I’ve used up my monthly upload limit (60MB), and Evernote kindly asked me if wanted to go premium. I think I will, but not just yet. The main reason I want the premium service is not so much to raise the monthly upload limit from the measly 60MB to 1GB but more importantly to allow me to have offline folders, which means I’ll be able to see the contents of my notes on my iPad2 even when I’m not connected to the Internet, which is most of the time, as I only got the Wifi version, not the 3G one. Not being able to see note content is a real pain as I increasingly use the iPad2 as my portable computer.

So. I’ve reached my Evernote limit (can’t upload any more notes, tho you can edit existing notes as long as you don’t change the notebook the note is in), but I still have stuff to clip and note (believe it or not), so, what on earth can I do? Well, obviously, the answer is to try out OneNote which was so interestingly written about over here.

(Aside: I watched Daniel Gold’s youtube video, and when I saw a screenshot of his Evernote setup, I realized for the first time the Read the rest of this entry »

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