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Introducing The Productive Life Show Podcast! – DEG Consulting | DEG Consulting

Dan Gold, author of the $5 guides to GTD and Evernote (13,000+ copies sold in 12 months) and a similar guide to Springpad + GTD (both of which I sell on this site as Dan’s affiliate) has started his own podcast:

Today is a great day. I can finally announce a new project I have been working on since November: my new podcast called The Productive Life Show, where we’ll be focusing in on topics like Evernote, productivity, GTD, and occasionally figure out yet another way to pronounce the word “Moleskine“.

Dan will present the podcast with Andy Traub,

“a professional podcaster, owns The Take Permission Media Network, authored the book that changed some of my own habits, Early to Rise, and also created some really outstanding video tutorials such as Become an Evernote Expert and Fix My Inbox.”

Dan links to Michael Hyatt who also has a productivity (and leadership) podcast. Hyatt uses a neat WordPress plugin called SpeakPipe which allows viewers to click and send a voice message.

Watch the video to see the free bonuses available to subscribers to the podcast.

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How Evernote and helps you create awesome websites – DEG Consulting | DEG Consulting

Dan Gold hosts a guest post on the subject of yet-another-useful-app, Even granting that he uses guest posts, Dan Gold still manages to not only blog about but also actually try out a remarkable number of new apps. His appetite is (apparently) insatiable. How he finds the time is beyond me. Anyway, here’s Philippe Demoulin on is a blog service which use notes stored in your Evernote for publishing on a blog. This service is in beta but already offers a simple but still great way to automatically publish and maintain a blog.

read more on How Evernote and helps you create awesome websites – DEG Consulting | DEG Consulting.

Update: Fiction writer Jamie Todd Rubin, who by the way has an excellent collection of articles on going paperless which includes lots of examples of how he uses Evernote, does not use Evernote for the actual creative writing, not even his blog posts. But he does use Evernote for planning.Read more at: Going Paperless: 4 Ways To Use Evernote for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)


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How an extreme website makeover enhanced Dan Gold’s productivity, + Power of 21

How an extreme website makeover enhanced my productivity.

Dan Gold at DEG Consulting has revamped his website and added to his product list.

He now has Kindle and audio versions of his guide to using Evernote to Getting Things Done, as well as a new workbook to developing new habits.

He also has new icons for all his products. The icons look great: those products look as solid as a Dickens novel!

He also offers a 20% discount if you buy more than 1 of these products as a bundle.

I learned a lot from his Evernote guide to GTD. It inspired me to re-visit Evernote and how I used it, and I now use Evernote more than ever. I consider this one a steal at $5.

I’m not a Springpad user and to be honest, I have quite enough on my plate with Evernote, so I haven’t tried this product.

Dan’s free “habits” worksheet is a calendar with questions to ask yourself on your progress each week. The main idea is that it takes at least a month to turn a new behaviour into a regular habit.

You want some inspiration to learn a new habit? Let Eric Thomas, the “hip hop preacher”, teach you the power of 21: [yframe url=’’]

If you buy any of Dan’s products from here, you’ll be buying me a drink:

  1. Evernote: the unofficial guide to remembering everything and getting things done.
  2. Springpad: the official guide to getting things done
  3. Evernote- audio version.
  4. Evernote ebook and audiobook bundle
  5. the whole darn set

Check out his blog to see what lessons he learned


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Springpad Smarter Notebooks Smarter Sharing A Smarter Way to Get Things Done Review | Tips To Learn How To Go Paperless | DocumentSnap Paperless Blog

Springpad Smarter Notebooks Smarter Sharing A Smarter Way to Get Things Done Review | Tips To Learn How To Go Paperless | DocumentSnap Paperless Blog.

Dan Gold has produced another $5 eBook, this time on Springpad. If, like me, you’re not sure what Springpad is, then check out their homepage first.

I haven’t checked out either Springpad or Dan’s new book, but alert Brooks Duncan has, and what’s more, he’s written a very useful review.

Personally, I don’t feel tempted to try out something that sounds like Evernote but why change?

Dan’s eBooks seem popular. I just sold another today from this site, and I’m only getting barely 150 visitors/day. That’s half-a-dozen sold in just 10 days.

Be sure to check out Brooks’ own excellent Paperless Document Organization Guide while you’re there.

If you’re just thinking about going paperless, tho, don’t buy the guide just yet, but start off with Brooks’ free 7-part email course which you can sign up for on his homepage. This will give you a good idea of what’s involved, and help you decide if you want to go for it or not.

Believe me, going paperless is a major, long-term project; but it’s also do-able and with good advice like you get from Brooks’ course, it can be less stressful than you think and actually more enjoyable than you imagine.

Now, ready for Springpad? Read Brooks’ review of Dan’s eBook before you leap.

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Dan Gold’s popular eBook “Evernote®: The unofficial eBook” is selling like hot cakes

Mouth-watering mini white chocolate cheesecakes! Yum

Mouth-watering mini white chocolate cheesecakes! Yum

Dan Gold’s e-book Evernote®: The unofficial eBook to capturing everything and getting things done! is selling like hot cakes.

"Evernote: How to capture everything and Get Things Done" by Dan Gold

"Evernote: How to capture everything and Get Things Done" by Dan Gold

It’s just $5, and it gives you a brief but useful guide to setting up Evernote to work as a Getting Things Done (GTD) tool, for both capturing ideas and “next-action” items, and for keeping track of projects and complete items, how to use tags and avoid over-tagging, tips on notebooks, etc., all with a GTD focus. Click the  link or the image on the left to read more about it.

Evernote Logo

I use Evernote, rather than OneNote. I tried OneNote for a while when my  Evernote account froze up, due to the dastardly reason that I was too cheap to cough up the 450 yen/month (4,000 yen/year) for the Premium account. I tried OneNote and I liked the pretty colours and tabs, but I missed the cloud functionality of Evernote. I use Evernote on both work and home desktops and on my iPad (and more recently on my iPhone, too), and all my notes are automatically updated in the cloud. I found OneNote less satisfactory in that regard, as I wrote in an earlier blog-post: “OneNote vs Evernote

OneNote logo

Dan Gold’s eBook is not an introduction to how to Evernote. For that, you need THE Evernote guide, Bret Kelly’s Evernote Essentials, 2nd edition.

Brett Kelly's Evernote Essentials. Click image to read more

Brett Kelly's Evernote Essentials. Click image to read more

And if you know little or nothing about GTD, Dan’s guide is probably not the best place to start. The best place would be THE SOURCE: David Allen’s book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity or website.

Brett Kelly’s guide can be used like a manual: read it through before you open the “box” and start using Evernote, or dipped into when you want to know something esoteric, like how to encrypt the text in a note.

If you have read Dave Allen’s book or are familiar with GTD and would like to know how 1 person (Dan Gold) has set up Evernote to work with GTD, then Dan’s eBook is for you. Dan is a very enthusiastic guy, and his positive feeling pervades his book. He writes simply and with humour.

And his eBook is selling very well. I want to promote books or products I use myself and made by people I respect. Click the image below to find out more about Brooks Duncan’s Paperless Document Organization Guide (for Mac- and Windows-users).

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Evernote downloads

Recently received the new revised version of Dan Gold’s Unofficial Guide to Evernote and GTD. It included a link to a “Master Next Action” file that you can download. I clicked on the link and downloaded it, but I can’t open it, either in m iPad or on my pc.

Clicking on it on my pc brings up a window which asks which program I want to use to open this sucker, some installed program or would you prefer something on the Web, sir?

Clicking on it on my iPad sends me somewhere outside Evernote (Safari?) with 2 menu options, “Done” or “Open in Evernote”. Click “Open in Evernote” has absolutely no effect whatsoever.

What am I missing here? The file has the extension “.enex”

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