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Japanese traditional means of keeping cool – wind and water

Feeling the heat? Then get out of the kitchen and check out these two great blog posts by my Nara Lady English bloggers: wind chime temple by Nara storyteller, and have a bit of coolness, by Sarah Need still more cooling? Check out these Nara Lady English Bloggers: Heaven @ 2700 metres Alpine Meadow and […]

Tribute to cherry blossom

Taken at the Yamato Bunka-kan museum, Nara, April 10th, 2012. Click any image to see a larger version. The day was overcast. My friend Cosmos went the day before and had sunshine. See her photos on Cosmos English Writing blog. My friend Narastoryteller took some lovely photos of cherry trees in the rain. See Sakura, Sakura. […]

Cherry blossom viewing? There’s an app for that! Check out the “hanami” app for iPhone & Android

Impress your friends: tell them where the best spots for “hanami” (cherry-blossom viewing) and exactly what stage the blossoms are at, just using this nifty cell-phone app.