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Ray Bradbury’s reading program for budding writers

In a keynote address in 2001, writer Ray Bradbury offered the following reading program to his listeners of budding writers: every night for the next 1,000 nights, read one short story one poem one essay I started yesterday. And I’ve added a goal of writing 1,000 words per day. I wrote 1,000 yesterday. I think […]

Ray Bradbury – Don’t tell anyone what you’re doing!

You don’t learn to write by going to college. You learn to write by writing!…I can’t help you become a writer. No university can help you become a writer. OK, I think that’s enough of Ray Bradbury, don’t you? It’s been quite a fiesta, hasn’t it? Let’s wrap this up. There’s a number of themes […]

Ray Bradbury on libraries and universities

Surprise in life should be everything. You shouldn’t know what you’re doing. You should go into a bookstore to be surprised and changed. So that the bookstores change you and reveal new sides of yourself. That’s the importance of a used bookstore.” This is from an interview with Steve Wasserman of the LA Times on […]

Ray Bradbury on how he came to write “The Martian Chronicles”

Continuing my Bradbury spree, today I highlight a part of a talk Bradbury gave at UCLA back in 1968. Towards the end, Bradbury takes questions from the audience, and a man asks him what prompted him to write “The Martian Chronicles.” This launches Bradbury into another one of his animated monologues about how and why […]

Ray Bradbury on imagination

I’ve got a huge buzz and inspiration from listening to this man. I’ve spent hours in his enjoyable company thanks to YouTube. Here’s some gems  from just one interview. 2:20 “The ability to fantasize is the ability to survive. The ability to fantasize is the ability to grow. Boys and girls at the age of 10, […]