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Laugh of the day

Mike Shedlock, or “Mish”, posted recently about a way to securely store your Bitcoins, assuming you have any. Mish thinks Bitcoins have a future, despite the Mt. Gox fiasco. It’s a short but sweet post, and he suggests a particular site. The following was tucked away in the comments section: I hope to one day […]

Bitcoin Slammed As Baidu Suspends Payments Due To “Fluctuations” | Zero Hedge

Oh dear oh dear. Bitcoin is as of this writing, at let me see… $728. Bitcoin is being sold aggressively on heavy volume as this headline hits: BAIDU SUSPENDS BITCOIN PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE ON VALUE FLUCTUATION and It appears Mt.Gox has crashed trying to handle a very large sell order. via Bitcoin Slammed As Baidu Suspends […]


Businessman, investor and IT expert Karl Denninger weighs in on Bitcoin. He seems to believe in inherent value, which Gary North does not, but otherwise he makes many of the same points. Speaking of Gary North, he has another couple of articles about Bitcoin up today. It’s all the rage! (Here’s the first of his […]

Are Bitcoins money? Or another Ponzi scheme?

I blogged a week ago about Bitcoins, quoting investor Peter Schiff on the matter. His opinion: Bitcoins are not money and they constitute (yet another) grand Ponzi scheme. (Bitcoin was then $880.) As I write, the price of 1 Bitcoin on the Mt  Gox exchange is $1,158. In fact, it jumped several dollars while I […]