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Magnificently Surreal Aquatic Adventures – My Modern Metropolis

Estonia-based artist Irene Z digitally manipulates photos to produce surreal environments flourishing with marine life. Each of the digital artist’s female subjects are immersed in an aquatic setting

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Charles Jencks’ Mind-Bending Landscape Architecture – My Modern Metropolis

Jencks’ latest project is in northern England and is called Northumberlandia (the “Goddess of the North”). Commissioned by a UK coal-mining company, Jencks is creating to a giant land goddess sculpture that’s 112 feet high and 1,300 feet long. Due for completion in 2013, it will be the world’s largest human form sculpted into the landscape.

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Observing Generation Gaps – My Modern Metropolis

Looking at the two figures, there are apparent (no pun intended) likenesses and gaps. For a lot of the images, it feels like looking at a split-screen of the same person at different stages in their life.

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father and son?

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Monty Python turns tables on the YouTube pirates

Monty Python’s Smart Choice is a short blog entry by Jeffrey Tucker, and forms the latest in a series he’s been writing about copyright.  Gizmodo, where Tucker found the original news about the Monty Python YouTube channel, adds,

A controlled release of free material keeps people from resorting to piracy and keeps them in your controlled ecosphere, which can include, yes, ways for fans to give you money. But when you’re a bunch of pricks, people go to The Pirate Bay and think of you as the enemy, and then you don’t get any money. Take notes, you idiots.

Personally, tho, I don’t get it. While I’m glad to be able to indulge my nostalgia watching old Monty Python shows, how does putting one’s creative work online for free encourage creativity and entrepreneurship? Surely, this is entrepreneurship capitulating to an anti-business mentality? Certainly, it seems that the public’s sympathy is with the teenage downloaders rather than the “greedy” music labels. Chad Rushing’s “translation” in the comments to Tucker’s blog post seems to me correct.

Update: Melancholy Elephants, a story by Spider Robins has helped me understand what some of the issues might be: the argument in a nutshell is that artists do not actually create, they discover. And while the number of possible combinations for musical notation (to take musical art as an example) might seem to be infinite… it’s not. The West Side Story, a brilliant re-telling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, was only possible because Shakespeare’s play was in the public domain, not covered by copyright. Without copyright, and without technology for recording the form of the art, the human collective memory gets washed clean of its memories of created art every few generations or so. With recording technology and copryight, the memory never gets erased: the number of new musical notation combinations that can be created (i.e. discovered) becomes ever smaller, until…

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