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Japan utility head resigns over nuclear crisis – Yahoo! News

Damage control!

Damage control! (image from Keeping it Real in Oman)

Tepco’s (former) CEO could take some lessons in apologizing from Mike Rogers. Shimizu has done the honourable thing, but I dunno. The timing’s all wrong. He either should have done this much sooner, or much later. At this time, with the situation at Fukushima appearing to be still highly dangerous, this guy’s talk of “closure” just seems like quitting.

The president of the Japanese utility behind the world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl said Friday he was stepping down in disgrace after reporting the biggest financial losses in company history.Tokyo Electric Power Co. President Masataka Shimizu, criticized for his low profile during the disaster’s early days, said he was resigning to take “responsibility” but vowed that the utility would continue doing its “utmost” to bring the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant under control.Fuel rods appear to have mostly melted at three of the plant’s reactors after a March 11 earthquake triggered a tsunami that knocked out cooling systems. Leaking radiation has prompted the evacuation of thousands of residents, and the perilous struggle to contain the reactors is expected to continue into next year.The crisis raised serious questions about the lax oversight of Japan’s nuclear industry, and prompted the country to scrap plans to rely on nuclear power for one-half its electricity needs — up from its current one-third.”I am resigning for having shattered public trust about nuclear power, and for having caused so many problems and fears for the people,” Shimizu told reporters, bowing in a traditional Japanese apology during a news conference.”I wanted to take managerial responsibility and bring a symbolic close,” he said.

Renewed safety fears have caused the government to shutter the Hamaokoa nuclear plant…

via Japan utility head resigns over nuclear crisis – Yahoo! News.

“Renewed safety fears”. Translation: “oops! the government’s lax oversight has become public knowledge. Damage control!”

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In Japan, is a Tepco apology enough? – The Washington Post

The president of Tokyo Electric Power Co. came to an evacuation center here to apologize to whoever would listen. One of them was Yoshio Sato, wearing a pink trucker cap and a graphic T-shirt marked with a skeleton.

via In Japan, is a Tepco apology enough? – The Washington Post.

This post is about the Japanese habit of apologizing. Before you read further, I encourage you to read Mike Rogers’ post about how to deal with customer complaints in Japan. Then I won’t have to repeat a lot of what he says.

The article is about a confrontation between Shimizu, Tepco’s CEO, and Sato, a furious Fukushima resident who had to evacuate his home (leaving pretty much everything there) and come to an evacuation centre, all because of the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

That’s what the article is mainly about, but along the way, it drops some hints and makes some observations about Japanese culture about which I will pour my usual pearls of wisdom. Watch those pearls! Catch them as they fall! Are you ready?!? Here we go. Read the rest of this entry »

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