Many people try and escape the summer heat by traveling in the mountains. This is true in Japan, China and India (but not in the UK because we don’t have any mountains). The best time to go, if you want to see the mountain flowers, is in June-early July. Due to my work I can rarely get time off in this period, so I have to make do with 2nd-best: photos and blogs. Feeling the heat? Click the link below and take a little digital trip to cool off, and learn something about Japan and its history at the same time.

Blossoming Alpine plants, snow gorges, and refreshingly cool air welcomed us at Murodo on Tateyama Mt.Tate in Toyama Prefecture when we got off the highland bus. It was the second time I had called in at the Murodo Plateau which is 2450 m above sea level and the first time for my husband. The temperature up there was 14℃ and it was 20℃ cooler than in town.

The first time I went there was when…

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