First day of class. Plug in my iPad and get ready to show my presentation. My iPad is projected successfully onto the big screen, then…. blank! And an error message: “device not supported on this iPad”. What “device”?

Fiddling with the connections does no good. Abort the project. Initiate Plan B.

Apparently, I’m not the only one with this problem. There are lots of unhappy campers out there. The problem is caused by iOS8 which no longer supports any generic 30 pin adapter (not by Apple), but only a pure Apple-brand VGA adapter. Way to go to **** off a lot of customers, Apple.

Solution? Buy a pure Apple-brand adapter, of course!

Or, for those cheapskates who refuse to spring for the real thing (like me), the solution is to downgrade from iOS8 back to 7.1.2.

Here’s how: How to Downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Warning: even if you back up your device first, you cannot restore from that backup because it’s an iOS8 backup.

The article above tells you to download the iOS 7.1.2  firmware for your iPad. Trouble is, there are several different versions. I bought my iPad in Japan so I went to a Japanese site that explained how to downgrade. The instructions are the same, but it has a pull-down menu for all the different iPad versions. Which one is the right one?

First, you have to identify your iPad model. Here’s a page that helped me. It narrowed down my search to just 2, after downloading and trying to restore from 3 incompatible firmware files. The 2nd one worked. I downloaded the ipsw files from this Japanese site (with nice clear screenshots).

Things have not been going well for Apple recently, have they? These two articles helped restrain me from sleeping on the pavement outside the Apple store to get my hot little hands on the latest gizmo.