R4_FuelTransfer_748jSuccessful removal of rods from Fukushima’s #4 SFP now up to 48%. Spent fuel rods 726 (out of 1331); new (unused) fuel rods 22/202. 34 trips.

This is a crucial and tricky operation. A lot of things have to work properly for it to be successful, despite the fact that under normal situations it is a routine operation that has been conducted many times before. But this situation is not normal. Every week that goes by with the goal of complete transfer coming closer without a hitch is something to celebrate.  Another big earthquake before this operation is completed could have serious consequences. I breathe a sigh of relief for every day that passes with more fuel rods successfuly transferred, and no serious earthquake or other problem.

So far, they’ve taken out all the easy ones. I understand there are fuel rods in there which are twisted. How the hell TEPCO will get those out I have no idea.

BTW, EX-SKF, my first stop for reliable information about what is happening at Fukushima’s NPP, has a very good article about Reactor #3 and the Main Steam IsolationValve.


移送燃料の種類(使用済:726体/1331体、新燃料:22体/202体) キャスクの輸送回数 34回更新日:2014年4月28日

via 福島第一原子力発電所4号機からの燃料取り出しの進捗状況|東京電力.