Still No Need to Panic About Radiation Leaks at Fukushima? | Japan Probe

Lost in translation! Well done, Japan Probe. The original article includes a list of useful, informative links. Check it out. The comments are fun, too.

As time goes by, there hasn’t been much of a decline in the international panic and fear over the situation at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Reports about leaks localized within the buildings or immediate area of the nuclear plant are fueling new wild speculation about the threat to “Japan.”

Even when there aren’t new developments to report, the English language media manages to invent alarming new stories. Yesterday, the BBC, Associated Press, and other news agencies ran stories saying that Japan’s prime minister had announced the country was in state of “MAXIMUM ALERT” because of the nuclear situation. Kan’s actual words, “最大限の緊張感を持って取り組みたい” ( roughly: “(we are) working with the highest sense of urgency/alert”) was just a bland statement meant to convince people that the government is working hard to resolve the situation. The English translation favored by the BBC and AP misleadingly implied that Japan has a formal alert level system, which had just been increased because of new developments.

Below are some helpful links I’ve come across in the last several days. Those that are looking for level-headed rational examination of the risks might want to check some of them out. The information contained in the links might be particularly useful to residents of Japan who are struggling to explain the situation to hysterical overseas friends and relatives who are bombarding their e-mail inboxes with messages of nuclear doom.

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