Perhaps like many, I’m coming back to Evernote.

I had so many notes (around 10,000 – I’ve been using Evernote since 2008), that it took some time to export them, and that was after I’d identified a suitable replacement (Bear, see my post here).

But. Bear is not available cross-platform (and I’m still on Windoze), and as I do quite a lot of work on my pc, not on my iPad, I really need the Evernote web-clipper to save websites, articles, quotes, images, etc, on the fly for later review (Instapaper and Pocket are quite good but not as flexible as Evernote). Plus I can forward emails to Evernote with attachments.

So, I didn’t uninstall Evernote, but downgraded to the free plan and used the legacy version. Then I couldn’t export notes larger than 25MB, so I bit the bullet and paid up for a month’s worth of premium account. And I’m now in my 2nd month…

Now that most of my notes are exported, I’ve realized how useful Evernote is and decided to keep it. For the time being. Still on Legacy, tho, I refuse to install that monstrosity v.10 until I’m sure it’s safe to do so.

Carl Pullein, who was also upset with v.10 of Evernote, has now, like me, come to terms with it, it seems: