This popped up in my reader, and I’ve just downloaded the slides and quickly scanned them with my ol’ eagle eye, and my objective, expert opinion is that, if you are at all affected by the Fukushima disaster, or know anyone who is, then you would be well advised to read this.

My policy, based on an objective, unbiased and complete distrust of government announcements, has been to simply avoid buying and eating anything from Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate prefectures. As a result of reading Wade Allison’s slides, I’m rethinking my policy.

The slides are easy for a layman to read. They contain very interesting information and comparisons with Chernobyl. Since 3/11, I have been undergoing a forced education on nuclear reactors and radiation. I read these slides as part of that education.

Wade Allison, author of the excellent book “Radiation and Reason” I blogged about repeatedly, has given a talk about Fukushima earlier this month at the Foreign Correspondents Club Japan see this earlier post.

Now the slides for that talk are available at the “Radiation and Reason” website [direct link to the PDF]

via Slides for Wade Allison talk in Tokyo | Lenz Blog.