A modern update finds the famous sleuth and his doctor partner solving crime in 21st century London.

via Sherlock (TV Series 2010) – IMDb.

I don’t watch TV except for major soccer games. Oh, and the new BBC Sherlock Holmes series.

The first series was just re-shown on Japanese TV (NHK Satellite) Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings, in preparation for the airing of the new (2nd) series which starts this coming Sunday evening.

It is very well done, production-wise, and the dialogue is fast and snappy.  A running motif is people’s assuming John Watson is Sherlock’s “date” – characters pause significantly before referring to Sherlocks’s…. friend.

There is an unfortunate concession to political correctness: Sherlock’s drug habit is turned into nicotine patches. Yawn.

Both actors are younger (SH – 35, JW – 39) than most previous filmed versions (tho Jude Law gives Martin Freeman a run for his money).

The stories are updated to include today’s technology – John Watson writes up the cases on his blog, and much use is made of the web and mobile phones, especially in the first episode of the first series, a Study in Pink (based on Conan Doyle’s “A Study in Scarlet”).

They are hugely enjoyable. If you’re near a TV this coming Sunday and have access to NHK Satellite, check it out.

Here’s a Telegraph article with photos about the (in Japan) upcoming 2nd series, and here’s the series’ IMDB entry. A third series is coming next year.