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Scribefire is a blog-editor plugin that allows you to blog directly from a website to your blog without going to your blog, if you get my drift.

Despite having Scribefire plugin loaded into my Firefox browser, I haven’t used it recently, because it posted garbage. Specifically,

“When I post to WordPress, all of the HTML is stripped out. e.g., <br /> appears as ‘br /’.”

The same thing happened when I tried to blog from Flickr. Questions in WordPress fora went unanswered, so I took the plunge today and uninstalled Scribefire, rebooted Firefox and prepared to blog about it. Going to the ScribeFire homepage, however, I read the following:

One of the most common bugs reported for ScribeFire is a variation on this theme:

“When I post to WordPress, all of the HTML is stripped out. e.g., <br /> appears as ‘br /’.”

This is not a bug in ScribeFire; rather, it is a bug in a piece of software called PHP that is used to run your blogging software.

The (hard) solution to this bug is to get your Web host to upgrade their version of PHP to version 5.2.9 or greater. If that’s not possible, you can fix it yourself by installing this WordPress plugin.

Thanks to all of the ScribeFire users that have reported this problem, and thanks as well to the other users that supplied links to the fixes.

I go to my Web host, but am unable to ask them to upgrade their version of PHP: there is no way to contact them – all the “contact us” pages direct me to endless pages of FAQs…

There is a WordPress plugin that fixes this, if you cannot get your Web host to upgrade (or if they have cleverly removed any contact email address from their “help” pages).

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