This is a list of recommended reading, books and articles that I have found helpful in teaching me to think more clearly and understand cause and effect.

First, some links to articles I used in the presentation on Feb. 25th, 2017.

  1. Swine Flu:Swine_Flu_by_Rappoport_bitly_links.pdf
  2. MishTalk: 60,000 visas unbanned. Trump acted foolishly, irreponsibly, and likely illegally.
  3. Logical fallacies listed and explained in Japanese: Avoid and Name That Fallacy! 誤謬を見抜け!誤謬を避けよ!
  4. Next FAME (March 25th) we will
    1. finish discussing “Logic & Rhetoric”, including answering the question, how to persuade Westerners to follow Japanese “rules”.
    2. discuss if members wish to take a short course in logical analysis,
    3. read the first chapter of the shortest economics textbook in the world: “Economics in One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt. (The whole book and a good Japanese translation are available on Amazon, see below). Click here to download chapter 1:Henry Hazlitt Economics in One Lesson_ch1

And here are the books listed in the Feb. 25th handout. I have added links to the Japanese translations where available. I’m selling some of these books.


    • Ayn Rand:
      •  「The Fountainhead」 を ¥2,999 で@amazonから出品しました。 日本より発送。良い状態。丁寧に保管されたので、商品の劣化や変色、破れ、書き込み、剥がれなどがございません。使用感があり。背に折りがある。 カバーが少し破れ剥があり。中々手に入りにくい本です。This is in good condition. No markings, tears, discoloration or fading. No torn or missing pages. One dog-ear. Slight crease in spine. Slight scuffing of the covers. Paperback, 694 pages. Ships from Japan.
      •    「Atlas Shrugged」 を ¥1,999 で@amazonから出品しました 。日本より発送。丁寧に保管されたので、商品の劣化や変色、破れ、書き込み、剥がれなどがございません。使用感がないけど、カバーに一つの小さな折りがある。 中々手に入りにくい本です。This is in very good condition. No markings, tears, discoloration or fading. No torn or missing or dog-eared pages. Slight crease in corner of front cover. Paperback, 1,069 pages. Ships from Japan.
      • “Philosophy: Who Needs It”
      • 哲学:誰がそれを必要とするのか?