Steve Herman, Voice of America reporter who is doing sterling work reporting on the Fukushima nuclear crisis from within Japan, tweets his latest report. 

 elevated levels of radioactive materials in sea water off Fukushima are raising concerns that Japan’s important fishing industry will be hit with an even deeper blow. Many fishing communities were destroyed or severely damaged by the March 11th tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake.

The government ordered expanded testing of marine life and sea water to begin Wednesday.

Traces of external radiation from the damaged Fukushima-1 nuclear plant have already tainted raw milk and spinach, as well as tap water. Government officials and scientists say the levels, while significantly above normal, do not pose a threat to human health even if the contaminated food and liquids are ingested for a year.

via Radioactive Seawater Latest Woe for Battered Japan | News | English.

His writing, tho better than most, is still not free from the sensationalism and deceptiveness that characterises so much of the MSM these days, as you can see in the comments to the article. 

Here are a couple:

Samantha Atkins (USA)

Non story unless you say exactly how much radiation, from what sorts of material and of what types with what half lifes. It could range all the way from largely deadly to 10x above background (utterly negligible) and from thousands of years to about eight days (most common isotope of iodine). Either report enough to know what is meant or avoid the lurid headlines. Enough is enough.

John Reynolds (USA)

BigDad, I think they should just outlaw tsunamis and earthquakes. Not one life has been lost to the reactors.

(United States)

For weeks we’ve heard about all the seawater being sprayed on the nuclear reactors…where do you think it’s going when it runs off?

samiya hussein (england)

Make a pump,which can be detatched from the generator.Take the pump up in helicoptor,and pack ice around it,and place in large paper bag.lower the pump by cable into the chamber of rods,the heat will burn around the paper bag,and ice will melt,by this time the pump is in the chamber.Lower helicoptor,and attatch the cable to the generator switch on.Please pass on to japanese authorities.

Without real numbers “elevated numbers” can be minuscule. The reported milk and spinach “contamination” was so small you could eat and drink that for a year without problems. Many radioactive products die quickly like I131 some not. So let’s not panic. Check here: for Fukushima radioactive reports and live online Geiger counters in Japan and California. Most show only background radiation. So let’s not panic!

jim R (USA)

Please check out the MIT Nuclear website for some accurate information They have some very good explanations of the different areas of concern. Having a fuel melt down doesn’t necessarily mean you have a release of radioactive materials. As far as I can tell, what has happened that some of the radioactive isotopes in the form of gas were vented with steam.