As I was grabbing some breakfast this morning, I caught the following bit of news about a radiation hot-spot in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Turns out, this may have nothing to do with Fukushima (and of course everyone assumed it did), which is funny because that blows out of the water the assumption that there ain’t no loose-flying radiation in Japan except what got rattled loose in the 3/11 earthquake-tsunami. Oops!


via 世田谷の放射線、発生源はラジウム 原発事故と無関係  :日本経済新聞.

And here’s an English update, which manages to raise as many questions as it answers. And another one here. I note that a resident alerted the authorities on this one: so there are enough nervous residents in Tokyo even who go out with Geiger counters and take readings.