My respect for this Japanese blogger grows by leaps and bounds. (S)He not only writes perfect English, he also is familiar with Ron Paul and non-mainstream economics! He also provided the following gem. I would only change the “government sources” to “anyone in authority” or maybe even “anyone in a uniform”:

People say that the Japanese are law-abiding citizens. The Japanese say that to themselves. The truth, as has been slowly revealed over the past 4 months, is that they are followers of the arbitrary and capricious orders, as long as the orders are given to them from the government sources. Never mind if those orders are very much counter to the law itself or the natural law or the common sense.

via EX-SKF Radiation in Japan: As it is being spread almost willfully, the country is getting unhinged.


Hear, hear!

There was an infamous incident many years ago in which a gang robbed a bank. The way they did it was, they pretended to be from the Ministry of Health and told the bank employees that due to an outbreak of a contagious disease, everyone had to have this injection. The employees dutifully lined up and took their shots. After they’d all passed out, the gang went to work!

(I read about this in a book by Itsuo Tsuda. I translated another book by Tsuda, and you can download a few sample chapters of it <a href=””>here.</a>)