Productivity blog roundup

4 recent entries

  1. by DocumentsSnap’s Brooks Duncan: Microsoft SyncToy can Automatically Can Automatically Copy or Backup your Documents (with video)
  2. by Dan Gold on 5 Step Plan to Better Document Tagging
  3. by The Elephant Channel on an Evernote powered Moleskine test, a look at the new Moleskine notebook that’s readable by Evernote. (Free bonus: you can practice your French by trying to read Pierre’s handwritten notes.) Pierre’s conclusions:
    • “If you are Evernote AND Moleskine fan, you HAVE to get an Evernote powered Moleskine
    • If you are only an Evernote users without already using a Moleskine or another paper notebook, you don’t need this as the added smart features are not that worth it alone in my humble opinion.
    • If you want to introduce Evernote to someone around you, this could be the perfect Christmas gift”
  4. by Bridging the Nerd Gap on why he hasn’t been updating his blog recently (shocking revelation: he’s been busy! Bitten off more than he can chew. Never heard of that before, eh?)


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