I installed OneNote on my home computer and followed Michael Wheatfill’s instructions on setting up OneNote. I created a Skydrive account and synced just fine.

I installed OneNote on my office computer, but could not connect with my Skydrive account. I needed some help from my work’s tech support girls first. They finally fixed it. But unfortunately there seems to be a glitch. The initial syncing worked fine: all my home OneNote notebooks and pages were duplicated on  my office computer via SkyDrive.

But today I tried clipping things to OneNote, and can’t find them. My settings for saving unfiled notes was set at some weird address which started with http:// and had “skydrive” in the URL. What the …?

Maybe I inadvertently set my Skydrive notebook as the default notebook for unfiled notes? No, my recent clippings are not on SkyDrive either.

Not only that, but recently clipped and filed OneNotes no longer appear, tho the notebook is there and the page title and section title is visible:

"This page was added from another computer. This page will load when that computer reconnects and syncs."