Is there a lesson here? I think there is. Underline it.

none of the approximately 80 residents on the island was killed by the tsunami, thanks to a disaster prevention map and an evacuation route created more than half a century ago.They had also prepared for the possibility of disaster by conducting emergency drills over and over.In the scant 30 minutes that elapsed between the quake and the arrival of the massive tsunami, town officials knocked on the doors of every home, urging residents to evacuate.Using a special 2-meter-wide evacuation route that local residents had cleared through a bamboo grove, they fled to a local elementary and junior high school that was built on higher ground.The disaster prevention map was drawn up with the help of Toyohiko Miyagi, a geology professor at Tohoku Gakuin University in Miyagi Prefecture. The map listed an evacuation route for every resident on the island.”As an island, we can’t depend on the government for a quick rescue and aid operation in emergencies,” one of the residents said.

via Preparation saved one island’s residents | The Japan Times Online.