I’m a premium user of LastPass to manage my passwords across my devices. Today, I was alerted to a new LastPass feature – the username generator. I’d felt the need for random anonymous usernames since several years ago and had been using LastPass’s password generator to create usernames but it was a bit clunky, so i’m delighted to hear of this new function and will be using it from now on.

The latest blog post also alerted me to some other useful tips: use LastPass to fill-in credit card information and stop leaving my credit card information on shopping websites. This is not a new last pass function but the blog post has prompted me to take steps to remove my credit card information from my various shopping sites. I have no confidence that shopping sites are using hashes to properly secure my credit card information. They don’t need my entire credit card number; all they need for identification purposes are the last four digits. However I doubt that most of them do this.

Here’s another recent LastPass blog post:

Looking to protect your bank accounts? One of the most common security options is to send one-time codes to your phone. Every time you log in, a new code is texted to you. But what if someone steals your phone number, so they receive your codes instead? Today we’re going to chat about this threat and the steps you can take to protect yourself from these so-called “port-out scams.”

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