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24hGold, a website devoted to precious metals, includes a  randomly selected relevant quotation. Today’s:

If any question why we died,
Tell them, because our fathers lied.

This anti-war sentiment  is uncharacteristic of Kipling, and so I had to look it up: where did it come from? When and why did he write it? Turns out it comes from a collection called “Epitaphs of War, 1914-18″, first published in The Years Between 1919. By then, the First World War was over, claiming the life of Kipling’s only son, Jack, at Loos. This death inspired Kipling to write the poem “My Boy Jack“. Later, a stage-play was written on this story, then a movie (starring Daniel Radcliffe as Jack). The stage-play and the movie were written, and the main role of Kipling acted, by David Haig. Haig IS Kipling in this movie – utterly convincing – and the sentiments expressed capture the tragedy which is both personal and social: Kipling is so eager for his son to have a chance to fight for his country

It may surprise some to see this anti-war sentiment on a website devoted to the trading of precious metals, but there is a connection. What is the connection? The present interest in gold is being strongly influenced by a growing number of people who are losing their trust and faith in central government, in particular in central government’s currency – fiat currency, promissory notes not backed by gold or anything. Some who have studied the history of currency, money and central banking state that the abandonment of a gold standard allows governments to create more debt, to grow in power, and that in addition, the growth of state power is closely (some say inextricably) linked with war. The historian Randolph Bourne wrote, “War is the health of the state*”, and other libertarians since have corroborated that view, including Murray Rothbard and Robert Higgs.

Historian and Austrian economist Gary North writes that many people are confused by the media’s pronouncements on gold, inflation and deflation:

If called upon to outline the arguments of each position, they could not do it. They have no idea of what they have read. They are utterly confused. Why? Because they do not read books on economics. They read only websites.

I was one of “they”: I read only websites. I was trying to educate myself about finance, investing and economics. I wasted a lot of time. I eventually discovered the 3 books that Gary North recommends:

If you are confused, you can get clear by reading three short items: Rothbard’s mini-book, What Has Government Done to Our Money?, my mini-book, Mises on Money, and Rothbard’s The Case Against the Fed. All of them are free.

If you really want to understand, read Rothbard’s textbook on money and banking, The Mystery of Banking. It is free.

Then you will be ready for the booklet published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Modern Money Mechanics. I have posted it here.

Not all the 24hGold quotes are this serious. Here’s another, for example: ” Liquidity equals stupidity.”

(*See Randolph Bourne, “Unfinished Fragment on the State,” in Untimely Papers (New York: B.W: Huebsch, 1919).)

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