A radiation table with data on about 70 employees from subcontractors hired to bring the Fukushima nuclear plant crisis under control says none were exposed beyond the emergency limit of 250 millisieverts, a document obtained by Kyodo News says.

The document — a table on workers’ radiation exposure — was compiled by subcontractors based on information on each worker’s radiation exposure and other data from Tokyo Electric Power Co., also known as Tepco.

The document lists the workers’ names, employers and kind of work they engaged in, along with daily exposure divided by working time, traveling time and waiting time, and accumulated amounts of exposure.

The data reveal for the first time how Tepco is managing workers’ radiation exposure. Many workers already have a cumulative exposure of around 30 millisieverts, the table says. One worker was exposed to 0.2 millisievert each day, which brought his cumulative exposure to over 30 millisieverts.

via Nuke plant hires not overexposed | The Japan Times Online.