At the end of last year, a friend sent me an email saying, “Apparently, all those nuclear power stations are not so vital after all”, after most of them went offline and the sky didn’t fall. Think I should forward this article to my friend?

TOKYO (Nikkei)–With no prospect for the resumption of idle reactors, 11 of the 13 prefectures that host nuclear power plants are likely to forecast no nuclear fuel tax revenue for next fiscal year.

The two exceptions are Aomori and Fukui. Last November, Fukui became the first prefecture in Japan to pass an ordinance allowing it to collect the tax even when reactors are not generating electricity. Aomori enacted a similar measure in December that will go into effect as early as April.

For the fiscal year ending next month, the 13 prefectures had been forecasting a combined 42.8 billion yen in nuclear fuel tax revenue, but the take is now expected be at least 16.4 billion yen smaller.

via 2012/02/15 05:48 – Nuclear Reactor Shutdowns Hitting Local Govt Budgets.

Collecting tax, whether or not the plant is generating electricity? How much arm-twisting had to go into bringing about that “agreement”, I wonder? Yikes!