My wife and I are both fans of jazz pianist Keith Jarrett and many years ago went to see him play in Osaka. He was back in Osaka a few days ago, but cut his performance short because he was distracted by the poor manners of the audience who made so much noise coughing and whatnot that he just stopped playing and walked out. This is something of a trademark for Jarrett. Back in the days when he did long solo improvisations, he would suddenly stop and walk out when the inspiration left him, i.e. when he’d had enough, as he did in the Osaka concert I went to see.

A google search for this recent walkout got no results, but there are plenty of irate Japanese comments from locals. Apparently, he cut short not only his May 6 Osaka concert, but also his May 9 Tokyo concert. I hope Sir Paul McCartney doesn’t do the same at the Budokan!

My wife had some fantastic jazz piano playing while she was surfing  the internet. When I asked her who was playing, she told me Hiromi Uehara. If you were one of those who spent good money to see Keith Jarrett and were disappointed, or if you weren’t but just love jazz piano, or simply enjoy watching musicians having a blast, here’s Hiromi playing one of her own compositions, the fast and furious “The Tom and Jerry Show”.