When you search on the Internet for “how to do” something, do you prefer videos or text explanations? If you’re like, you’ll probably prefer video. When it comes to showing someone how to do something, a video speaks a thousand words, and takes less time to absorb.

Paperless master Brooks Duncan of  DocumentSnap.com, author of the Paperless Document Organization Guides, regularly makes “how-to” videos, and they are aimed at the non-geek (that’s me), so the language is super simple and he doesn’t assume you know more than just getting around your desktop, opening applications and checking email.

Here’s his latest. Did you know you could have more than one Evernote account? Did you know it has now become very easy to switch between them? “Why would anyone want to?” you may ask. “This sounds like more work!” you might add.

Even if you just have one free account and think that’s enough, watching this might make you think about the advantages of having more than one Evernote account – to keep your family and work life separate,  for instance.

Multiple accounts has always been an Evernote feature, says Brooks, but only Premium Evernote account holders can have multiple accounts open and switch between them, apparently; free account users must log out and in again to each of their free accounts.

Anyway, here’s the video. (Watch on YouTube to see it in HD.) And if you like this one, consider subscribing to Brooks’ YouTube channel.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wl2GyDxOOR4&feature=em-uploademail’]

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