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  • I’m selling the following books on Amazon Japan.
  • All profits go to charity.
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  • Many thanks to those of you who purchased some of these books. And here are some more!
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  • 売っている本(英語も日本語も)の全てはこちら> http://bit.ly/sheffners2ndhandbooks
  1. bigredfezThe Big Red Fez: Zooming, Evolution, and the Future of Your Company. Seth Godin, a marketing genius, critiques several websites from a marketer’s and a consumer’s point of view. No-nonsense advice for someone with an online business or thinking of starting one. Short and sweet.
  2. Zapp! In Education: How Empowerment Can Improve the Quality of Instruction, and Student and Teacher Satisfaction. “Once upon a time, in a magic land named America, there lived a normal guy named Ralph Rosco. Ralph taught in Normal Middle School in Normalburg, U.S.A. .. One day, on his way back to the classroom from lunch, Ralph happened to be thinking about one of his students and… well, he was simply Zapped! b an idea so original and so full of promise that his head nearly exploded with excitement.” Told as a story, it deals mostly with listening skills and how to encourage people (both students and teachers) to cooperate and contribute to schools and classes. More from an administrator’s point of view, but there are a few tips for classroom management.
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