Milanote is kind of an endless whiteboard…

I’d dismissed this reference to Milanote, but a fellow teacher swears by it and recommended I check it out. Unlike myself, he is not tied to a particular LMS (I’m tied to Moodle, Teams and something called Manaba, which may be a Japanese native).

Teams is the app I love to hate. (Microsoft is not in my good books at the moment, for reasons I might write about later.)

Another fellow-teacher uses Evernote as his LMS: the place where he posts assignments, keeps his classes separated and organized, and has students upload their assignments to, including audio and video. Evernote `|*?+ me off with their most recent update (that dropped several features I commonly use).

This “Milanote colleague” has made imaginative and very practical use of Milanote’s visual, design-oriented interface to create some very efficient-looking repositories for his classes. If he gives his permission, I might post some links or screenshots of what he’s done here.

As I’m locked in to the above 3 LMS, I don’t need Milanote for this purpose, but he is pushing the envelope on what it might be able to do for instructors who need to manage different classes at different institutions.

Another fellow-teacher who inquired about note-taking apps and to whom I mentioned Milanote said that he is not interested in cloud-based apps but something he can download. He wants all his stuff on his computer or iPad, nothing in the cloud. He doesn’t need to interact with a team or collaborators. He doesn’t need to share anything with anyone. Although this sounds like it’s going against the grain, or the flow or whatever, I suspect he is not in such a small minority as might appear. I told him about Bear, which I use exclusively on my iPad – but that’s because I’m too cheap to spring for the pro version.