Thomas Woods
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“Meltdown”, historian Thomas Woods‘s book on the origins and causes of the present financial crisis, based on Austrian Economics Business Cycle Theory, has been translated into Japanese, and can be bought on Amazon Japan. Woods’ own summary/review can be read on the Lew Rockwell website.

Just in time for the Japanese elections. (The electorate is, of course, focusing on the key, important, issues).

If you are not familiar with Austrian economics, you can start educating yourself at Wikipedia then just read anything on the Lew Rockwell or the Mises Institute websites. I knew nothing about it until about a year ago, but am now hooked. I never realized economics could be so fascinating. Be warned: if you have a socialist way of thinking, as do most people brought up postwar; if you firmly believe, as the media have been telling us, that the cause of this financial crisis is unfettered, unregulated capitalism, then be prepared to have your cage rattled and some of your precious sacred cows slaughtered.

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