Mike Rogers has a news story that has not yet surfaced in Japanese mainstream news, as far as I can tell. Is this yet another example of news that only becomes news in Japan after the foreigners talk about it? I’ll be looking for confirmation of this story in other, local, media. If any Japanese resident can confirm this story with links to Japanese-language sources, please leave a comment, thanks.


Sometimes the Japanese just blow my mind. The entire fabric of society here and how people work as a team and believe in doing their utmost for the betterment of all is just amazing. The spirit of self-sacrifice that these wonderful people show to each other is awe inspiring.Here is a jaw-dropping story about how 60 ~ 70+-year old senior citizens Japanese are banding together to work at the crippled nuclear power plants at Fukushima.

via Marketing Japan: Fighting Radioactivity? Pensioners to the Rescue!.

Jaw-dropping is right, tho I’m not so excited about the Our project should be part of a long-term plan under state control bit. Still, it’s an inspiring example of initiative.