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Brooks Duncan, author of the digital Paperless Document Organization Guide, and owner of, is offering an online class for those who want to take action, get started now with going paperless. Cost: $77. Registration required. Registration deadline October 17th.

Paperless Action Plan

Twice over the past year, I held online classes for two groups of awesome DocumentSnap readers who wanted to take action on going paperless. I called the class the Paperless Action Plan.

Due to popular demand, I’m happy to announce that I am re-opening the even-better-than-before Paperless Action Plan today.

This project is a four-module class over five weeks that is focused specifically on helping you create an end-to-end, customized action plan for going paperless, as well as helping you sort out what you need to do to put your plan into action.

Go over to Brooks’ blog post Re-introducing the Paperless Action Plan to find out more. Here’re some key points:

  1. What is it, exactly? ” The Paperless Action Plan has four action-focused lessons over five weeks. Includes live teleclass, downloadable PDFs, recorded mp3s, worksheets, members’ forum.
  2. How much is it? $77

Click here to find out more. Registration closes Oct. 17th.

(Disclosure: I’m an affiliate of, so if you purchase any of Brooks’ products from this website, I get a commission. I have bought and continue to use Brooks’ products and warmly recommend them.

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