Dan Gold’s blog has new entry on Checkvist and how to use it “as an outliner inside a  GTD, workflow”, + integration with Evernote, etc. The guest blogger is a programmer, and Checkvist is too complext and sophisticated for my needs.

But I was interested in Kanbanflow, mentioned in the article.

How is Checkvist integrated in my GTD Workflow ?

(1) In my Kanbanflow process
I just get the public link of my Checkvist document and add it to the description of my Kanban task. This way, I can directly reach my spec through the link inside the task.

I just signed up for a free account at KanbanFlow.

One of the things I like about it, is that I can create “boards” of complext tasks and see all the different bits and their progress at once. You can do something similar in Evernote, by having a “master project note”, as Dan Gold suggests in his ebook, but I like the visual layout of Kanbanflow. Plus it looks cool.

KanbanFlow doesn’t have an app but it does have a mobile site accessible from iPhone and Android devices. (Haven’t tested it yet).

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