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  1. Donate to Japan Disaster Relief via Google’s Japan Disaster Relief
  2. Donate via Japan Red Cross 日本赤十字社
  3. Animated world map of Japanese radioactive plume from ZAMG – Aktuelle Informationen
  4. Deutsche Welle – Austrian scientists release detailed dataon Japan radiation
  5. Dr. Josef Oehmen “Why I am not concerned about Japan’s nuclear reactors”
  6. IAEA Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log
  7. IAEA’s Facebook page
  8. Meltdown that Wasn’t – Nature, March 22, 2011
  9. Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) – Information on the Japan Earthquake and Reactors in That Region
  10. Radiation dose chart
  11. Reuters
  12. The moment nuclear plant chief WEPT as Japanese finally admit that radiation leak is serious enough to kill people
  13. Toshiba engineer press conference – Tokyo Foreign Correspondents Press Club
  14. Voice of America English News (VOA)
  15. Washington Post summary of earthquake and nuclear crisis
  16. What They’re Covering Up at Fukushima – anti-nuke activist Hirose Takashi interview (CounterPunch)
  17. World Nuclear News website
  18. Youtube – Hirose Takashi interview 1 of 3 ニュースの深層3/17(木)「福島原発事故 メディア報道のあり方」1/3
    NASA Satellite Image of Japan Captured March 1...

    NASA Satellite Image of Japan Captured March 11, 2011 (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)

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